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What Should We Pay Attention to when Operating Pesticide Drone

I. Advantages of using pesticide drone

We can often see aerial drones, toy drones, plant protection drones and other drones. With the maturity of UAV technology, agricultural UAV also appeared. Agricultural UAV is mainly used for sowing, spraying, monitoring, irrigation, health assessment and so on.

Using a pesticide drone to spray pesticide has the advantages of large spraying amount, even spraying and low price. It can reduce the risk of poisoning and heat stroke under high temperature and heat. Moreover, compared with traditional control methods, UAV spraying efficiency is higher. A pesticide drone can spray dozens of mu of land in a few minutes, greatly speeding up the progress of control work.

II. Precautions during operation of pesticide drone

1. Plant protection knowledge

After the completion of pesticide drone flight control operation, it is necessary to investigate the control effect of the operation field.

2. Personal protection

Operators must strictly abide by the regulations on the safe use of pesticides when using pesticides spraying drones for plant protection operations. They should wear special anti-flight protective clothing and masks and keep a safe distance from the pesticide spraying drone. Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to approach. When there is wind, apply medicine to the upper air outlet. After the operation, clean up and change clothes in time.

3. Public safety

In the process of plant protection flight defense, there will always be onlookers, which is a particularly dangerous phenomenon. Therefore, when spraying chemicals, people around the site shall be strictly prohibited from entering the use range of pesticide drones.

4. Self rescue after poisoning

If the plant protection pilot accidentally sprinkles pesticides on his eyes or skin, he should wash it repeatedly with a large amount of water in time. Stop working immediately and go to the hospital for treatment.

5. Pesticide drone maintenance

After the flight operation of pesticide spraying UAV, the spraying system of pesticide spraying drone shall be cleaned in time, and the sewage from cleaning instruments shall be properly treated in a safe place to prevent pollution of nearby drinking water sources or fish ponds.

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