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What is the Technical Core of Plant Protection Agricultural Drones?

Plant protection agricultural drones have quickly become popular products. Compared with quadrotor drones, multi-rotor drones fly more stably and can hover in the air. So what is the technical core of plant protection agricultural drones?

1. Microcontrollers for agricultural drones in plant protection do not require many chips on the flight control motherboard of the quadcopter

At present, as long as the toy-level aircraft can receive commands from the remote control, it can simply fly or stay in the air, and control the four motors to drive the paddles, which basically can achieve the function of flying or hovering.

The multi-axis aircraft is composed of different modules such as remote control, flight control, power system, and aerial photography. According to the needs of different grades of products, different CPU cores will be used. For example, the flight master control of plant protection agricultural drones must be used at the same time due to its simple function and small size.

The plant protection agricultural drone integrates remote control reception, flight control, and power drive functions; the mid-to-high-end multi-axis aircraft of the plant protection agricultural drone adopts built-in DSP and floating-point arithmetic unit, which is responsible for the main flight control functions.

UAV remote sensing technology for plant protection and agriculture generally uses large aircraft as a remote sensing platform to conduct large-scale observations and obtain rich comprehensive data.

However, there is a problem of insufficient resolution in the data collection and analysis of traditional remote sensing on the temporal and spatial scales. If small UAVs are used as a new low-cost remote sensing platform, it will make up for the shortcomings of traditional remote sensing. and emergency monitoring will be a great success.

2. UAV remote sensing technology for plant protection agriculture

The remote sensing technology of UAV for plant protection and agriculture requires the airborne instruments to take up small space, light weight and good shock resistance. Optical remote sensing technology has a series of advantages such as small space, short time, simple imaging and low cost;

The plant protection agricultural drone is equipped with a composite multi-function detector, which uses near-infrared light as a remote sensing measurement method to collect multi-band spectral data, and relies on the ground operation station to control the drone agriculture.

The spraying drone is equipped with remote sensing equipment to comprehensively analyze the collected microwave image data reflected by the soil, and compare it with the established model to obtain the specific soil moisture content, and can automatically or manually correct the blurred area of the image.

Real-time task setting, route adjustment and re-observation of agricultural drones, plant protection agricultural drones can monitor soil more comprehensively, and then the plant protection agricultural drones will perform data processing and analysis on the data and images returned again to obtain more specific soil. humidity.

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