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What Changes Did Agricultural Drones Bring to Agriculture?

1. What changes did agricultural UAVs bring to agriculture?

Due to advances in technology, many industries have undergone earth-shaking changes compared with thirty years ago. Of course, the development of agriculture is no exception. At present, the development of agriculture is not just the hard work of farmers. Many emerging technologies have also entered agriculture, which has revolutionized the development of agriculture. 

In recent years, agricultural UAVs in the fires have been widely used in agriculture, such as agricultural UAV spraying pesticides and agricultural UAVs sowing seeds. Farmer entrepreneurs in the new era have also introduced the use of agricultural UAVs. Agricultural drones have replaced the traditional method of spraying pesticides; drone agriculture mapping has replaced traditional manual surveying and mapping methods for farmland water conservancy construction.

2. Prospect analysis of agricultural UAVs

With the acceleration of land circulation and the further increase of land scale and intensification, agricultural UAVs will also become the new favorite of agricultural machinery. At present, many social service organizations have emerged in the agricultural field. This is the only way for the transformation and upgrading of agriculture. In the future, farmers will also undergo major changes. They will be more specialized, professional, younger, more educated, understand agricultural machinery, and accept new things easily. The entire group of "farmers" will gradually divide, and more and more graduates with agricultural professional background will be engaged in field management; in the future, there will be more and more labor demand for operating and repairing agricultural UAVs; farmers will understand more in the future In the market, new farmers with new scientific and technological thinking will be engaged in agricultural marketing and circulation related work; the older generation will gradually phase out or engage in basic work. I believe that in the future, the use of agricultural UAVs will be a major trend, and it is also hoped that agricultural UAVs can help farmers in agricultural production.

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