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What Are the Precautions for Using AG Drones in Summer?

1. Determine the time for AG drones to spray pesticide according to the humidity and its changing trend

After the liquid sprayed from the spray drone nozzle is deposited on the target, it needs to be spread out to form a uniform medicinal film to cover the surface of the target to a large extent, and then "mask" the pests and diseases on the target. The deposition and development of liquid medicine will be affected by many factors, among which air humidity is more affected.

In summer, the air humidity is very small, and the droplets sprayed by the long range fixed wing drone will quickly evaporate into the air, even before the liquid spreads. The liquid medicine deposited on the surface of the plant, especially the large mist droplets, can easily condense into larger droplets. Secondary sedimentation under the influence of gravity can also cause drug damage to the lower part of the plant.

Therefore, the dosing time of best AG drones in one day needs to follow two principles: one is that the air humidity is slightly dry; the other is that the liquid can form a dry film on the target surface as far as possible before sunset.

2. Precautions for using AG drones

(1) In order to prevent human and animal drug harm and environmental pollution, keep away from water, crowds and animals during flying defense operations, and do not allow to work in the field when there are people.

(2) When flying, be sure to keep the AG drone within the sight of the flying guard and keep a distance of more than 10m, and the nose of the drone should not face yourself or others, and keep a distance of more than 10m from obstacles. When the environmental wind power is level 3 or above, the visibility is less than 1km or the rain and snow weather conditions, the flying defense operation is not allowed.

(3) Pay attention to the spray status of the nozzles at any time during the flying defense process, and replace and maintain the nozzles with poor spraying in time.

(4) Pay attention to the battery power during flight to ensure that there is enough power to return to the take-off point to prevent crashes (aircraft) accidents. If there is a battery warning, you should land immediately.

(5) After each flight control operation is completed, the inside and outside of the AG drone must be cleaned. The residual liquid medicine must be diluted and sprayed on the spot, and the residual liquid medicine shall not be brought back to the place of residence.

(6) After being used, AG drones should be isolated and stored in a special storage area away from humans, animals and living areas.

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