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What Are the Misunderstandings of Agricultural Plant Protection UAV when Spraying Pesticides

I. Agricultural UAV should avoid operating misunderstandings

Agricultural UAV is a UAV used for agricultural and forestry plant protection. The emergence of agricultural plant protection UAV has greatly improved the operation efficiency on crops. It is common to spray pesticides. Although pesticide drone spraying can help us well, we should also pay attention to avoiding the operation misunderstandings.

II. What are the errors of agricultural UAV when spraying pesticides

1. Determine the amount of reagent in each barrel of water only according to the dilution multiple.

Most people calculate the dosage of a bucket of water according to the dilution ratio. In fact, it is not very reliable. When using agricultural UAV, we need to control and calculate the amount of chemicals added in the medicine box because we need to calculate the amount of chemicals per unit area of the factory to ensure the good effectiveness and safety of the factory and the environment.

2. The smaller the droplet, the better the efficacy.

Whether it can better distribute, deposit and diffuse on the target is related to the size of droplets of pesticide drone spraying. If the droplet is too small, it will float in the air and it will be difficult to deposit on the target, which is bound to cause waste. If the water drop is too large, the liquid medicine rolling on the ground will increase, which is also a waste.

3. The closer the nozzle is to the target, the better the efficacy will be.

During the pesticide drone spraying, the liquid from the nozzle collides with the air and decomposes into smaller droplets in the process of rushing forward. In other words, in the corresponding distance range, the farther the target is from the nozzle, the smaller the droplet. Small droplets are easier to deposit and diffuse on the target. Therefore, it does not mean that the nozzle close to the power station will have a better effect.

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