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What Are the Functions of Ag Drones on Crops?

I. Pesticide sprayer drone can protect plants

With the development of our life, there are more and more kinds of crops. Advanced technology has also replaced the ancient labor force. Plant protection has become an important part of agriculture and forestry production. Pesticide sprayer drone ensures the high yield and harvest of agriculture and forestry, and effectively protects plants.

II. The role of ag drones on crops

1. Ag drones can meet the control requirements of plant diseases, insects and weeds under different conditions such as agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

2. Ag drone has higher production efficiency, better use economy and safety.

3. Ag drone has higher adhesion rate to the applied chemical pesticides and less drift loss.

4. Ag drones shall be able to evenly distribute chemical pesticides in various dosage forms (such as liquid, powder, particle, etc.) at the required parts of the application object.

As a good helper of plant protection, Ag drone is popular with people. With the continuous popularization, they have begun to enter the lives of ordinary people. Drones can help us save chemicals costs, and more importantly, we no longer need to worry about spraying pesticides. Moreover, the ag drone is remotely controlled, so we can control the drones to spray pesticides on crops without losing them.

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