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What Are the Advantages of Air Drone?

1. AGricultural application of air drone

With the development of science and technology, the level of agricultural mechanization has also improved. Plant protection drones have been widely used in the field of agricultural plant protection. It is simple, safe, reliable and efficient, and is favored by most farmland contractors and farmers.

2. Advantages of AG drones

1) Intelligent spraying and simple operation.

2) Air spraying is suitable for all terrain operations. AG drones spray liquid on plants in the air. Its flight altitude can be designed independently. The aircraft can fly on the plant surface, which is suitable for flying on a relatively gentle slope. The plant protection UAV can also reset the height during the flight, which is suitable for terrace spraying.

3) Fast spraying speed and high working efficiency. Now the flight speed of AG drones can also be adjusted on the UAV Ground, and the spraying efficiency is very high.

4) Long distance spraying can avoid pesticide poisoning. The UAV can be controlled from a long distance, and the nozzle of the UAV can be quickly closed on the remote controller. Therefore, pesticides can be sprayed from a long distance.

5) Save pesticides and reduce costs. AG drones spraying adopts atomizing nozzles to spray, intelligently control the spraying speed and spray evenly. UAV has a breakpoint function, which avoids the re-spraying and leakAGe of UAV, greatly saves the use of pesticides and reduces the planting cost.

6) Avoid crushing plants. AG drones spray chemicals in the air away from plants and will not touch plants.

7) The leaf back can also be sprayed with a good control effect.

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