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Using a Drone to Defoliate Cotton Requires Mastery of the Following Skills

Nowadays, more and more farmers choose to use drones to use defoliants. Many farmers still don't know much about drones to spray defoliants. They think that they only need to be handed over to the people of the flying defense company. In fact, they learn well by themselves. Understanding this aspect is of great significance for reducing errors and ensuring defoliation. Today I will tell you the main points in this regard.

1. Agricultural UAVs generally use smaller high-pressure nozzles. After the nozzles are atomized, the droplet size is smaller, which can increase the coverage area of the liquid medicine, which means that the crop absorbs pesticides better. And the wings of the drone can generate downward airflow, open the branches and leaves of the crop, and spray the liquid medicine to the roots and stems of the crop, so the effect of spraying is better.

2. According to different models of agricultural UAVs, different amounts of water and pesticides are added, and the proportioned liquid is sprayed on the roots, stems and leaves of crops in the form of mist, while our traditional spraying medicine is proportioned.  And it hits the roots, stems and leaves of crops in the form of drops.

For example: the difference between a drop shape and a mist shape is an apple and a glass of apple juice. From the perspective of absorption, the better absorption effect is surely showed in apple juice.

3. The plant protection drone can spray medicine 0.5-2 meters close to the crops. The sprayed liquid medicine has strong up and down penetration, less drift, and even droplets. The medicine absorbed by each crop is balanced, that is, medicine. The amount of absorption is the same. But everything has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of drone spraying is that it is greatly affected by the weather and cannot be used in windy and rainy weather. Using plant protection drones to fight defoliants in the current domestic mainstream product is hormone defoliants, and the current mainstream ingredient in hormone defoliants is a combination of siadiazuron and diuron and must be matched with the matching additives, which promotes the rapid penetration of the liquid into the leaves and accelerate the natural senescence and maturity of the plants.

At present, in the selection of cotton defoliants, the compound component of diabenuron and diuron is often used with ethephon for ripening to obtain better defoliation effects.

For the selection of cotton defoliants sprayed by drones, here is a brief summary: 540g/L salibicarbazone + adjuvant 60-80g + ethephon 50-70g, and this is currently the relatively universal formulation.

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