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To Ensure the Healthy Development of the Plant Protection Drone Industry

As an emerging industry, the development prospects of plant protection drones are attractive. However, the market ecology is far from mature. Relevant national departments, industry associations and enterprises should work together to ensure the standardized and healthy development of the industry and reduce the chaos in the plant protection drone industry.

1. Avoid the entire industry from falling into a price war

Although plant protection drones have just started, with the rapid development of the industry, price war has shown a tendency to emerge. The price of a plant protection drone has dropped from over $14,000 to over $8,600 or even over $5,700. Continuous low-price competition will inevitably affect the improvement of product quality, and then affect the healthy development of the entire industry.  For plant protection drone manufacturers, they should avoid vicious price competition as much as possible, so as to improve market competitiveness by improving product quality.

2. Avoid entering the misunderstanding of the development of heavy-load drone

At present, plant protection drones are mainly small and medium-sized motors. Due to the limitation of chemical liquid filling and synchronous battery replacement, the Drug loadingis generally about 15 liters, and the take-off and landing are more frequent. Some companies regard the load and endurance of plant protection drones as the key to improve their competitiveness, and focus on developing drones with larger payloads. Some companies have developed plant protection drones with a drug loading of 80 liters, with a daily workload of about 1,500 mu to 2,000 mu. However, this kind of heavy-load drone is more suitable for large-scale fields, and it is rarely useful in most small fields between 20 acres and 200 acres.

3. Treat the intelligent problem of plant protection drones rationally and do basic functions well

The industry generally believes that intelligence is the future development direction of plant protection drones. Plant protection drones are not traditional agricultural machineries, but a new type of information tool and smart agricultural equipment. It can use the agricultural IOT system to assist production decision-making, scientifically manage farmland, and realize the traceability of crop production. At present, the plant protection drone integrates "remote sensing plus pesticide application" to achieve precise/variable pesticide application. It can quickly analyze and diagnose farmland information, carry out inspection of farmland, monitoring of diseases, insects and weeds, and evaluation of drought and emergence rate, yield prediction, etc. However, plant protection is still the most basic function of agricultural drones. While vigorously promoting intelligence, the company should develop and produce high-quality drones that can meet farmers' plant protection requirements such as weed control, killing insects, and fertilization.

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