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Tips on the Use of AG Drones

Some precautions for the use of AG drones are listed for your reference below.

I. Before the AG drone takes off, it should be checked

1. The staff controlling the AG drones should have a good mental state. Focus, don't be distracted! Rest assured, long-term first, safety first!

2. Before controlling the UAV, first ensure that the batteries of the UAV and the remote controller have sufficient power, and then the UAV can be controlled for a long time.

3. It is forbidden for UAV operators to control best ag drones after drinking.

4. When using the remote controller to control the UAV, ensure that the "send remote data" option is not checked in the ground station software before takeoff; If the ground station joystick is used to control the UAV, make sure the remote control is turned off before takeoff.

II. Precautions during takeoff of AG drones

1. No flying on pedestrians.

2. Pause flying in case of rain! Water and vapor will be transmitted from the antenna, rocker and other gaps and estimated to form out of control.

3. It is forbidden to fly in weather with lightning. In general, it is very serious!

4. It is necessary to make the AG drones fly within the sight range of the operator.

5. Fly away from high definition wires.

6. Running and relying on the remote control model requires standard video and experts, and the wrong control is estimated to cause damage to its medical equipment.

7. To prevent the transmitter's antenna from aiming at the model. The reason is that even at the weakest level, the radial direction of the transmitter antenna can be used to aim at the controlled model, and the remote controller and receiver of AG drones should be prevented from approaching the cloak object.

8. The 2.4GHz radio wave will be nearly transmitted in a trapezoid. Please prevent obstacles between the remote control and the receiver.

9. In case of model falling, collision, flooding or various changes, please take specific preventive measures before finding these conditions.

10. Keep models and electronic devices away from children.

11. When the voltage of the remote control battery pack is low, do not fly too far. The battery pack of the security remote control and receiver needs to be used before each flight. Do not rely too much on the low-voltage alarm of the remote control. The low-voltage alarm prompts you when you need to charge. When the power is insufficient, the AG drones will be out of control.

12. When you place the remote control on the ground, please pay attention to placing it horizontally rather than vertically. The reason is that it is estimated that it will be blown down by the wind when it is placed vertically, resulting in long range fixed wing drone running of the force operating system, resulting in adverse reactions.

13. Stay away from moving parts. When the propeller of the UAV is moving, do not touch or stay away from any rotating parts.

14. Before driving the UAV, the operator must be aware of the weather and surrounding environment. It is strictly prohibited to use in thunderstorm and other bad weather.

15. If the UAV is lost due to system failure or other reasons, troops shall be organized to search immediately; If other personnel are injured or objects are damaged, they shall immediately call the police for rescue, which shall be handled by the insurance company.

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