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The Precautions Before Spraying with Plant Protection Drones

Before using the plant protection drone, we must do the preparations. First, we must check whether the container containing the medicine is clean before spraying the medicine.

Ⅰ. Cleaning the plant protection drone container

Many users do not have the habit of cleaning the container after using the plant protection drone, which will cause conflict of drug efficacy and affect the efficacy of the drug. If there is obvious drug scale in the spraying container before it is used, we must first use clean water with detergent. Soak the spraying container for half an hour, shake it for another three to five minutes, and pour out the detergent water; then wash the container with water containing 10% ethanol (alcohol), one is to remove the organic solvent; the other is to remove the foam.

Ⅱ. Checking the plant protection drone sprinkler

In addition, before using the plant protection drone to spray medicine, we should often check the atomization effect of the nozzle, whether the nozzle can be used normally. Finally, check the compatibility or compatibility of the drug efficacy. Because the concentration of most drones is higher than usual for conventional mechanical spraying, it is necessary to check in advance whether several things mixed together are "fighting". Try not to use some pesticides such as "suspending agent" and "glue suspension agent", because they often contain "colloid", such as xanthan gum, modified starch, etc. First, it will make the liquid more viscous, which is not conducive to atomization; The second is that the "colloid" in it may stick to other substances, causing caking and blocking the nozzle.

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