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The Important Role of Precision Agriculture Drones in Pest Management

1. The important role of agricultural UAV in pest management

For the small agricultural UAV used in agricultural systems, the canopy reflectivity data collected and processed by the sensing drones may be transmitted as a digital map to guide the agricultural UAV to work to the identified harmful Biological hot spots provide solutions, such as agricultural UAV that accurately spray corresponding pesticide sprays on certain pests. Agricultural UAV will play a very important role in sustainable pest management in agriculture.

2. Accurate pest management aspects of precision agriculture drones

There are two aspects to precise pest management: First, precision agriculture drones can use reflectance-based crop monitoring (using ground, air or orbital remote sensing technology) to identify pest hot spots. Secondly, precise control systems, such as the location of pests and pesticide spraying devices. Both technologies can be installed on equipment that traverses fields (such as irrigation equipment), or manned or agricultural long range fixed wing drone that travel around the field.

Agricultural UAVs used to detect pest hot spots are referred to herein as sensing drones, and agricultural UAVs used for precise distribution of solutions are referred to as actuating drones. Both agricultural drones can communicate to establish a closed-loop IPM solution. Importantly, the use of agricultural drones in precise pest management may be cost-effective and reduce environmental damage. Sensing agricultural UAV can reduce the time required to detect pests, and actuating agricultural drones can reduce the area that needs to be sprayed with pesticides and reduce the cost of pesticide distribution.

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