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The Future of Selfies Drones

Why didn't the earlier UAVs go into the mass consumer market? Size is one reason, another important reason is the complex manipulation. Can you imagine a beautiful girl with a heavy and complicated remote control to adjust the shooting angle? Mobile phones can replace cameras as mainstream photography tools, because it is simple and convenient. As I stated above, in 2016, the rise of a batch of pocket aerial photo drone mostly replaced the traditional remote operation by using a mobile phone APP to control. This will greatly reduce the use threshold. Mobile manipulation of the drone has become the mainstream, girls can play the aerial based on mobile phone APP. On the basis of advanced airborne equipment, manufacturers have developed a series of intelligent flying and shooting function, such as automatic tracking, automatic shooting around film, the function such as face recognition, DOBBY pocket drones have voice control, a key shooting small video, and other functions; Mavic Pro also features gesture recognition and automatic obstacle avoidance. These functions greatly simplify the operation difficulty of the drone, so that the drone will be close to the mobile phone.

But is that what cheap uav will look like in the future? Obviously not! Manual gear cars have been phased out and hand-operated drones will be a thing of the past. Future selfies drones will definitely abandon the "remote control", or the mobile phone for remote control, completely autonomous flight, even in the air to find the most suitable photo, video angle for you to shoot.The robots in this sci-fi film may be the future of a selfies drone.Imagine taking a drone out of your pocket, saying it takes off and taking a picture, and the drone will automatically take off to look for the most beautiful angle to take your picture, and it will automatically beautify the Photos are sent to your phone or other smart wearable devices, and that's the future of a selfies drone.Breaking through the bottleneck of existing technologies, most of the current UAVs and selfies drones are electrically driven, while battery technology greatly restricts the UAV's use experience.If you want a longer life, the UAV has to carry a bigger battery, and a bigger battery means more weight, and bigger weight means bigger volume, and volume is the lifegate and weight of consumer drones.The Satan of the flying world.At present, most of the selfies drones have a duration of about 10 minutes, which is the current technical condition. The helpless act of.To give a selfies drones a longer life, drone makers are doing everything they can to recharge a DOBBY pocket UAV with a mobile power source and be compatible with fast charge technology; Boeing (right,A patent allows drones to stay on wires and recharge them with wires; an innovative drone developed by a university professor comes with a sucker that can be attached to a fixed object.

Boeing's drone charging idea, notice that the red ring drones are charging on wires against a background where battery technology can't make a breakthrough, anyone who can get a selfies drone to take photos of you as you like, and fly if you want to have lasting power, wins the future. I believe that the short-term breakthrough in the key technology is still fast charge. Huawei's newly released Magic phone has strong fast charging capabilities, and the selfies drone market should be much more exciting if the technology or more efficient fast charging technology is used to fill a battery in a drone for five minutes. In the long run, new battery technology and wireless charging technology art is the ultimate solution to a selfies drone, but it takes a lot of discipline and a long way to go. If the signal transmission is the Achilles heel of the UAV, it is a stubborn disease. Now, the problem of signal transmission, which appears to be constrained, may be fundamentally resolved in the short term. At present, most of the cheap selfie drone are controlled by WiFi, which is limited by the transmission distance of WiFi, and the control distance of selfies drones is mostly within 50m. For traditional selfie, this control distance is more than enough, but for creative selfie, there is still a space for improvement.

At present, in the signal transmission problem, the solution adopted by manufacturers is SDR, that is, software radio technology. DJI Innovations and the maker of DOBBY pocket drones are using the technology. With SDR technology, the UAV can be operated several kilometers away. However, the problem with SDR technology is that the cost is high and the hardware needs a relatively large volume. How? I think the answer already exists, is your phone on the 4G. If 4G technology is available, connect drones and operations via 4G In theory, the communication distance can reach infinity. 5G technology is also developing rapidly, it can provide more bandwidth than 4G, and further optimize the flight experience of UAV.
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