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The Era of Agricultural UAV Seeding Is Coming

Sowing in traditional agriculture, from selecting seeds to inserting seedlings into the field, at least has to go through the two processes of soaking seeds and raising seedlings. No matter which process it is, a lot of effort is required. In traditional human sowing, about 800 seeds can be planted per person per day (calculated based on 8 hours of work).

What are the advantages of agricultural UAV seeding?

1. Save time and effort

We mentioned above that in traditional agricultural planting, about 800 seeds can be planted per person per day, and for the same workload, agricultural UAVs are expected to be completed in one hour. The agricultural UAV adopts the precision seeding method of the plant protection agricultural drone, eliminating the cumbersome and labor-consuming links of traditional rice planting such as manual seeding, seedling management, seedling pulling, and seedling transplanting.

2. Evenly sowing

An agricultural UAV seeding experiment was conducted in Hanzhong, Shaanxi. Compared with manual seeding, the uniformity of agricultural drone seeding was far better than that of manual seeding, which greatly exceeded the expectations of local farmers on the experimental results. The average farmers who participated in the experiment expressed satisfaction with agricultural drones, saying that there is almost no need for later replanting adjustments.

3. Reduce the costs

Using large-scale machinery for planting seedlings is far more complicated than the preparation of agricultural UAVs for planting. For the time being, regardless of the preparations for large-scale machinery for planting, a large-scale mechanical equipment requires two to three people to operate together, and the average seeding cost is also 30 yuan/Mu, only 120 acres can be completed a day; while agricultural drones can only plant 80 acres of rice per hour, and 640 acres can be cultivated a day! If you calculate the cost of preparations for seedling raising and transplanting: each seedling tray costs 4 RMB, and 16 trays are needed per mu, so that agricultural drones can save at least 64 RMB/mu!

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