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The Comparison of UVA drones with Other Spray Operations

The Comparison of UVA drones with Other Spray Operations

Hand sprayer:

Spray slowly
Low labour productivity
Harmful to human health

Tractor sprayer:

Low maneuverability
It is not suitable for the field without a vacant road, because it is easy to crushing crops.
It is not suitable for the fields of rugged terrain.
It is not suitable for rice fields.

Helicopter sprayer:

The spraying area of agricultural spraying drones for sale is at least 100 hectares is suitable for helicopter operation.
Permission and coordination from government departments are required.
High cost

The advantages of agricultural spraying UVA drones:

Spray efficiency: 4 hectares/hour
40-60 times higher than Hand sprayer
Healthier and safer to the human being
No need for on-site service channels
Does not stain soil or move plants
Suitable for fields with rough terrain, rice fields and vineyards
Take off from anywhere without nearby takeoff and landing runways
No flight coordination and permit required
TTF UAV for sale does not require highly qualified personnel

The services provided by TTF:

Pilot training
Technical support
Software update
Maintenance and repair

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