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The Benefits of Drone Spraying Pesticides to Agriculture

1. The birth of pesticide sprayer drone

Unmanned intelligent technology is not only used in industry and commerce, but also in other fields. Unmanned intelligent technology has brought certain influence and help to agriculture. In rural areas, when pesticides are sprayed every year, manpower is needed to control, but due to labor shortages, crop yields are likely to decrease. In the case of this traditional operation method that is time-consuming, laborious and extremely low-efficiency, pesticide spraying drones were born.

2. The help of ag drones to agriculture

The first is price. Agricultural drone spraying technology uses spray spraying, which can save at least 50% of pesticide usage and 90% of water consumption, which will greatly reduce resource costs.

Then there is efficiency. The efficiency of manual drug spraying is slow, and the efficiency of ag drones is high, and it can work without stopping. In terms of practical efficiency, manually spraying drugs by lifting the rod by hand can easily cause uneven spraying. When the drone sprays, it follows the planned route, and there will be no problems of repeated spraying and missing spraying. It is also consistent with the height of the crops.

The last is security. The pesticide sprayer drone has a low operating height, less drift, and can hover in the air without a dedicated take-off and landing airport. The downward airflow generated by the rotor helps to increase the penetration of the fog flow to the crops, and the control effect is high. Long-distance remote control operation, spraying operators avoid the danger of exposure to pesticides, and improve the safety of spraying operations.

Through the above comparisons, agricultural drones are indeed smarter, more accurate, and safer.

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