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Technological Innovation Enhances the Core Competitiveness of Plant Protection Drones

As a high-tech agricultural equipment, plant protection drones have good precision application effects, strong ability of saving water and medicine, and high efficiency of saving time and labor, and have become the "new favorite" in the field. Thousands of drone manufacturing and service companies have emerged in just a few years. In the overall development of plant protection machinery, plant protection drones have become a hot spot for investment in the industry. As competition intensifies, the plant protection drone market has entered a critical period of accelerated reshuffle in the past two years. Some aircraft model manufacturing and processing companies and assembly companies with small production scales, no independent research and development capabilities, or poor profits have been eliminated, while a group of companies with independent research and development capabilities and advantages in production scale have gradually developed into industry leaders.

The safety and reliability of plant protection drones are the most concerned issues for consumers, and they are also the focus of research and development of enterprise. In recent years, in the full market competition, plant protection aircraft companies have greatly increased their investment in technological research and development under the agricultural production environment compared with previous years. On the basis of the fully autonomously planned flight operations of the fully-autonomously planned routes for the widespread application of field crop plant protection and pesticide application, automated and intelligent technologies such as precise positioning, obstacle avoidance, ground-like flight, and night flight have gradually developed and matured. This enhances the safety functions of the plant protection aircraft and greatly improves the environmental conditions adaptability of the plant protection drone.

The development of science and technology is endless, and the application of plant protection drone technology has room for further improvement. It is necessary to build standards and norms, but it should never become an obstacle that prevents companies from actively improving the performance, quality and intelligent level of agricultural drones products based on market and user needs!

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