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Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty
TTF warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship. Under normal use and service, every hardware portion of the products will be free from physical defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period, or the product will be repaired or replaced as determined solely by TTF. TTF provides a limited warranty for its products only to the person or entity that originally purchased the product from TTF or its authorized distributor or retailer. TTF will not be liable in any way for the loss of data stored on TTF products and any damage caused by this.

The global warranty coverage allows users who need warranty services to contact their nearest TTF retailers or shops for support, not limited to where their TTF was purchased.

**Please note that the offering of free advanced replacement service could vary by country. Please check with your local distributors for further information.

Extra warranty period might be provided by TTF’s worldwide dealers/distributors. Please contact your dealer/distributor for the local warranty period. Extended warranty may be offered with extra payment in some countries.

If a product does not operate as warranted above during the applicable warranty period, TTF shall, at its option and expense (except for shipping cost), repair the defective product or part, deliver to the customer an equivalent product or part to replace the defective item. All products that are replaced will become the property of TTF. Replacement products may be new or reconditioned.

Warranty does not apply, if

the warranty period is expired,
the warranty label is broken or removed,
the serial number label is missing or unrecognizable,
the product has been modified or repaired by any unauthorized service center or personnel,
the defect was subject to abuse, improper use not conforming to product manual instructions, or environment conditions more severe than those specified in the manual and specification.
The defect was subject to Force Majeure, such as acts of God, flood, lightning, earthquake, war, vandalism.

If the customer's product is not covered under warranty, TTF may offer Repair Services under the customer's payment.

Repair Service
Warranty and out of warranty service should be obtained by contacting the system integrator/dealer/retailer/e-tailer/distributor where the customer purchased the product, or users can contact TTF service center to apply for repair services.

There are no user serviceable parts inside the product. Do not allow any unauthorized service center or personnel to repair or modify the product.

It is customer's sole responsibility to back up his/ her data. Before allowing any service from TTF or its service provider, the customer must back up the data and remove any of the customer's confidential, proprietary or personal information. Neither TTF nor its service provider will be liable for any damage, loss and exposure of confidential or private information or data contained in any product, hardware, software or media.