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  • What is the Maximum Payload?

    It depends on model, 2-10kg indefinite.

  • Do You Offer Customization?

    Sure. Customization of drone aircraft can be achieved easily at TTF and it is our biggest strength. You can raise your requirement for the customizing, then it will be processed by our professional executive managers. We offer a set of products and variations corresponding to various payload ranges, diversified axes, distributary rights and exclusiveness. Thanks to our carbon fiber factory, the biggest one in Asia, we also provide numerous OEM and ODM frames.

  • What Applications are the UAVs Mainly Used For?

    Emergency commanding, fire rescue, events, power line inspection, manhunt etc.

  • What kind of battery of TTF UAV adopt? Time of endurance?

    It depends on model, from 45-70min indefinite.

  • What is Your Usual Shipping Time?

    It can range from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the order, and the actual distance of the client.

  • Do You Provide Instructions on How to Operate a UAV?

    TTF provides the UAV flight training, but the training will be exclusively offered in Shenzhen, China. We have professional pilots teaching our customers how to use our UAV and professional engineers will give you the best technical support. It is completely free of charge (meals and accommodation are not covered) and takes one week to complete.

  • How Could I Become an Official TTF Distributor?

    TTF welcomes potential distributors to pay a visit to its factory for the demonstration of our competence, sharing ideas and discussing face to face partnership. Contact us to arrange a meeting – info@titanflying.com