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Spray Dose Control Method for Pesticide Drone

I. The importance of grasping pesticide drone spray dosage

In the flight control operation, pesticides and pesticide application skills have a great impact on the operation effect. Careless use of pesticides may even lead to agricultural damage, production reduction and shutdown. Therefore, grasping the dose of pesticide drone during spraying plays a vital role in improving the operation effect and reducing quality accidents.

II. Spray dose control method for pesticide drone

1. Sensitive pesticides: high concentrated antiviral and fungicide pesticides are easy to cause agricultural damage during use, such as pentazole, microbial fat and other known insecticidal pesticides. Dinitrile is also a pesticide that is easy to cause pesticide damage. It is forbidden to use the conventional dosage of this kind of pesticide, and it is recommended to reduce the conventional dosage by 20-30%.

2. Sensitive crops: cucumber and vegetable crops at seedling stage are sensitive to high concentration chemicals. During the operation of a pesticide sprayer drone, it is recommended to try in a small area first, and then operate in a large area.

3. Tips for using wettable powder: during the flight prevention operation of the pesticide drone, wettable powder is terrifying. In fact, as long as the method is appropriate, wettable powder is not so terrifying.

4. For pests with high reproduction iteration rate, the medication scheme should be adjusted in time according to the operation cycle, and one formula cannot be used all the time.

5. The preparation of flight prevention chemicals must be diluted twice, otherwise it is easy to cause chemical reactions between active chemicals, resulting in poor curative effect or crystallization, and even drug harm. Each pesticide used for pesticide sprayer drone is diluted 5-10 times, then mixed, added with appropriate amount of water and stirred evenly.

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