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Something You Don'T Know About Diy Drone Intelligent Lithium Battery Diy

In terms of business structure, intelligent of diy drone lithium battery is a good development direction and existence form. DIY drone power lithium battery is also changing to diy drone intelligent lithium battery. We are talking about that diy drone intelligent lithium battery brings joy and sorrow to users. "Sad" -- in a mode that enables the enterprise to obtain huge profit potential, users should pay for the high manufacturing cost.

First, the cost of intelligent batteries is rapidly increased
The core of intelligent lithium battery is the management circuit, which is composed of main board, management chip, single-chip microcomputer, MOS tube and other main parts. Such a battery management module is matched by each unit of battery, that is to say, each lithium battery group needs to attach such a same piece of management circuit. Users should pay the bill without exception because of the increase of these production costs.

Second, the assembly rate and the capacity of intelligent battery are decreased.
It's easy to think that where the management chips are coming from since there is no special intelligent management chip for diy drone battery. Obviously, these chips can deal with low current discharge easily. However, as we all know, drone need lithium batteries for large current discharge. Faced with the particularity of the use conditions, these smart chips may not work.

Third, encryption of smart intelligent lithium battery makes users suffer from monopoly.
It is recognized that manufacturers adopt encryption means for intelligent lithium batteries in order to safeguard their own interests so that they are not compatible with other lithium batteries. Through well-designed encryption methods, it is not only difficult to crack, but the solution may fail when the firmware is upgraded.
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