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Safety Precautions for the Use of Plant Protection Drone

How to use aerial control pesticide correctly? How to avoid harm from pesticides and plant protection drones in aerial control operations? We have compiled some safety precautions for you to be aware of.

1. Protect yourself

The aerial control operation of plant protection drones is completely isolated from the operation area, so it is safer for operators to work, but safety measures are still necessary. Operators of plant protection drones should wear sunshade hats, masks, glasses and protective clothing, and ground workers should also wear gloves on this basis to avoid pesticide contamination in their hands. In addition, it is forbidden to wear shorts and slippers to avoid damage caused by mosquitoes and snake bites. Water shoes should also be worn in water paddy fields in the south of China.

2. Dispensing protection

Dispensing personnel shall, on the premise of wearing complete protective equipment, dispense drugs in open space in accordance with the operational requirements of the secondary dilution method. It is forbidden to dispense medicine in conditions such as confined space or downwind areas, etc. Some plant protection teams will use disposable plastic film gloves, which are not flexible and have poor durability and applicability, so they cannot guarantee the safety of dispensing personnel. Good quality rubber gloves should be used, which are not only durable, but also impermeable to corrosion.

3. Drug use

The concentration of liquid pesticides used in aerial control operations is high, so it is not allowed to use highly and extremely toxic pesticides, otherwise it is very likely to cause pesticide poisoning. Do not use unlabeled pesticides, otherwise the toxicity of pesticides can not be determined, which may produce incidents such as poor efficacy or pesticide poisoning.

4. The inspection and operation of aircraft

The following matters should be noted:

1) If the AG drones are idle for a long time or the location of transfer is far away, the magnetic compass calibration should be done to avoid abnormalities;

2) Before take-off, the rocker mode should be confirmed to avoid problems in the mode;

3) Confirm that the remote control and battery have sufficient power before takeoff to avoid the remote control being out of control due to low power;

4) Before take-off, make sure that the arms and propellers are deployed. The more careful the pre-flight inspection, the lower the probability of problems.

5. Operation instructions

The following rules shall be observed during operation:

1) Personnel shall not be in the place under the plant protection drone;

2) Keep a safe distance of more than 5 meters between personnel and the agricultural sprayers in operation at all times;

3) The plant protection drone can not be approached until its ground propeller stops completely;

4) Pay attention to the surrounding telegraph poles, stay cables and high tension lines to avoid the collision. During the operation, the propeller of the plant protection drone rotates at high speed, which has a certain destructive power. The drone flyer should keep a safe distance from the plant protection drone at any time.

6. The arrangement of working time

Regarding the working time, we should pay attention to the following matters:

1) Avoid working continuously at noon in high-temperature weather because the pesticide effect is not good and workers are easy to have a heat stroke;

2) Don't work continuously for a long time or even overnight. If you have already worked overnight, you should avoid driving to prevent accidents. At present, there are related cases of accidents caused by continuous operation without rest in the industry.

7. Transport

At present, there are two different kinds of working vehicles. Mini-cars and minivans are simple and convenient but can not realize man-machine separation, while pickup trucks and other vehicles with rear carriages can realize man-machine separation. If man and machine are not separated, the occupants of the car may be poisoned by the inhalation of pesticides.

Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to in vehicle transportation without man-machine separation:

1) Before loading, the plant protection drone must be loaded with clean water to clean the whole spraying system;

2) Try not to close the window of the vehicle to maintain air circulation;

3) It is absolutely forbidden to close the window and open the inner circulation of the air conditioner, otherwise it is easy to cause pesticide inhalation and poisoning.

8. Residence

The most important thing to note about the residence is that the plant protection drone should be stored separately and never put in the sleeping room, otherwise it may cause pesticide inhalation and poisoning.

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