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Routine Maintenance Tips of Plant Protection Drone

Plant protection drone is an essential tool for agricultural plant protection which needs regular maintenance. Timely maintenance can decrease all kinds of damages by pesticide residue and increase the lifespan of implantation UAV to the maximum.

1. The whole machine clearing

Period: Please clean it everyday during operation and clean once a week during non-operation.

Purification attentions: It is mainly used to wipe the propeller, pesticide box surface and the horn and other external surfaces with a clean wet towel. Please do not rinse directly with running water, and then use a dry cloth to wipe clean before storage.

2. Inspecting spraying system

Spraying system has direct contact with pesticides, including pesticide box, pipeline, diaphragm pump, nozzle, nozzle, flowmeter. Since pesticide belongs to chemicals, it causes corrosion to metals and plastics. Please wash spraying system immediately after operation with clean water until the water flows out. Please use hairbrush to scrub the nozzle in clean water, if sprayed with adsorptive herbicide, growth regulator, please soak and repeatedly clean it with warm water containing detergent. Please check and replace the nozzle and flowmeter regularly.

3. Fertilizer Spraying drone power system maintenance

Fertilizer Spraying drone mainly refers to components of intelligent battery, plug and motor. The battery life is influenced by its wrong usage in the process of charging and storing. Generally speaking, intelligent battery charging current is between 1C and 2C and advised to use small current charging without emergency. Besides, charge and discharge in high temperature is easy to cause swollen batteries. Power-lack storage of intelligent battery have a significant adverse effect on the life. Long time store energy should be kept between 50% - 60% and charge and discharge once every three months.

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