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Response to the New Situation of Plant Protection Drones

These is no doubt that the plant protection drone industry is generally positive. However, how to protect their own profits and survival during the development of the industry has become a topic of great concern to every flying defense practitioner. Agricultural resources merchants have advantages in customer resources and product channels. 

Combined with plant protection drone (one of the ag drones) services, they can better grasp customers and increase sales. However, agricultural resources merchants are often older and do not have redundant labor to form plant protection teams. Traditional plant protection teams often have good operational skills, but they also lack agricultural knowledge and agricultural resources. They often do not have a price advantage in the competition with agricultural suppliers.

Here are some tips for the majority of plant protection drone practitioners:

1. Establish a correct sense of service

For plant protection operations, the effect is first. We can't just calculate how much work we can do in a day and then make a quotation. We also need to consider whether the quotation is within a reasonable range and whether this quotation can achieve basic profitability while ensuring the effectiveness of the operation.

2. Increase income sources in the agricultural sector

The development of the market shows that pure flying prevention and plant protection cannot bring more in line with the expected income and stable customers. The follow-up service is not only a comparison of simple service prices, but also a comparison of who can bring more convenient production methods to farmers and higher production income. Only by truly grasping the hearts of farmers can we truly stabilize our orders.

3. Risk awareness

You must be aware of risks and have a deep understanding of the characteristics of plant protection drones and pharmaceuticals. Only a good safety awareness can avoid common operational risks. Continuous learning is needed here.

TTF is honored to witness the rapid rise of the emerging industry of plant protection drones, and it is also honored to be able to participate in this industry that benefits the people. We will follow the pace of development of the entire industry, continue to improve ourselves, and contribute to the growth of the plant protection drone industry.

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