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Reasons for Using Special Pesticides in Pesticide Drone

1. Special pesticides shall be used for pesticide drone spraying

When communicating with many pilots who intend to enter or just enter the flight defense industry, each of them knows almost nothing about the special medicine of agricultural drones. It is generally believed that agricultural UAVs are only tools to replace artificial medicine boxes. We are not aware of the differences between the two, let alone the consideration of pesticides and application effects.

2. Why are special pesticides needed for pesticide drones?

The simple reason is to obtain a better plant protection effect. Traditional pesticides mean that they need to be diluted hundreds or thousands of times with water and then sprayed manually in medicine boxes. We call them conventional pesticides. Conventional pesticides are usually used after diluted to a certain concentration with water. 15-30kg of liquid medicine needs to be sprayed per mu. Under such concentration and dosage, the effect of pest control can be achieved without damaging crops and causing drug damage.

The general load of the pesticide drone is only 10-15L. If conventional pesticides are used, the concentration of chemical solution will be too large, which is easy to cause crop leaves to be damaged and yellow.

On the other hand, the application efficiency was also greatly reduced. Pesticide drones can only operate on 1 mu of land. Therefore, in order to avoid drug damage and give full play to the advantages of agricultural drones, special pesticides need to be used. It can be seen that using the drone to carry out the pesticide injection operation of plant protection is a systematic and technical work.

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