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Reasons for the Rapid Development of Plant Protection Drone Industry

There are three main reasons why plant protection drones have developed rapidly:

1. Strong market demand

There are several realities in current agricultural activities:

(1) There is a shortage of rural labor, and young people are unwilling to engage in agricultural production, especially plant protection operations;

(2) Plant protection has always been the link with the lowest degree of automation of "cultivation, planting, plant protection, and harvest" in the agricultural industry chain;

(3) The current increase in the mechanization of agricultural production, the expansion of planting scale, and frequent outbreaks of diseases and insect pests, all put forward requirements for the efficiency and effectiveness of plant protection operations. Therefore, ag drones surely have a bright future.

2. In line with the development direction of the national agricultural policy

With the continuous support of policies, it is hoped that there will be a better plant protection method to improve the efficiency of plant protection operations and the use rate of pesticides, and plant protection drones can meet these two requirements.

3. The gradual maturity of drone technology

Especially the vigorous development of electric multi-rotor UAV technology is a necessary condition for the rapid maturity of the plant protection UAV industry. Only plant protection drones with low operating thresholds, purchase thresholds, and good stability can bring direct benefits to users, otherwise the scale effect cannot be produced. More mature products can bring sustained market growth.

In recent years, the main change in the plant protection drone market is that many domestic and foreign brands have gradually entered the international market, which has changed the phenomenon that local brands dominate the market; at the same time, the models on the market have also evolved from purely oil-powered helicopter products to multi-rotor plant protection drone.

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