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Prospect of Wifi selfies drone development

1 Miniaturization
The Wifi selfies drone has has been applied wider and wider, with small size, small volume, light weight, large function area, it is easy to take and easy to control. It can act as a monitor, tracker, and has bionic characteristics. If we want to achieve this, we should not only make some basic equipment miniaturized, but also need to improve the ability of long-term endurance. If Wifi selfie drone can be as small as ants while fully equipment, it is no longer a joke that ants will trip over an elephant in the future.

2 Invisibility
Invisible technology is a technology that can make Wifi selfie drone difficult to be identified, discovered, tracked and destroyed by reducing its signal features, just like a chameleon that can changes according to the specific environment. The most obvious signal of Wifi selfie drone is electromagnetic wave infrared. To be invisible, (1) to reduce the reflection of electromagnetic waves and the maximum concentration of heat, (2) reduce the infrared radiation of the engine to the nozzle and the exhaust port, (3) use the fuel that can change the wavelength additive or change the structure of the engine, which has accelerated the loss of heat.

3 Intelligentization
The intelligentization of Wifi selfie drone is that Wifi selfie drone can independently locate targets and fight, detect or evade them on the basis of stored core programs. When the Wifi selfie drone is intellectualized, it can reduce the risk of being hit down, improve the viability, increase the recycling rate, increase the fighting capacity and reduce the cost of production and save money to be used in a more developing place. If Wifi selfie drone is applied intelligently to the military, they will bring a big turn in the field of military applications and become a weapon of war and maximize their advantages.

4 Systematization
The current situation of Wifi sefie drone needs directional fixed-point operation. After being systematized, the ability of coordination and cooperation among Wifi selfies drone will be greatly improved. It presents a large scale application mode, achieve the purpose of saving manpower. Under a unified system, cooperation and cooperation among Wifi selfie drones are seamless have a clear division of labor. Realize the intelligent application mode of dividing batches with emphasis and intensity.

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