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Prominent Advantages of Carbon Fiber Composites in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Fittings

The fuselage of unmanned aerial vehicle is the main component of unmanned aerial vehicle and the flight carrier of the whole flight system. Usually, materials with high strength and light weight are used. At present, the main materials are ABS/modified PC and its alloys, carbon fiber materials, aviation aluminium materials, advanced composite materials and so on.

Among these common materials, carbon fiber composites show a prominent advantage. Carbon fibers are made of chemical fibers and petroleum fibers by special processes. Apart from high temperature resistance, friction resistance, conductivity, heat conductivity ,which is same to the common carbon materials, carbon fibers have higher strength, lighter weight and more corrosion resistance. Its density is less than one fourth of that of steel, but its tensile strength is 7-9 times than that of steel, and its tensile elasticity is also higher than that of steel. It is the only material whose strength does not decrease in high temperature inert environment above 2000℃. It is insoluble and bloated in organic solvents, acids and bases, and its corrosion resistance is outstanding. And it has a soft shape and can be processed into various fabrics. From the point of using, carbon fibers do not corrode and rust, so they are more durable than ordinary metals. Under extreme weather conditions, the properties of carbon fibers hardly change. The application in aerial UAV fuselage can improve the overall performance. At the same time, the use of integrated manufacturing technology can produce unmanned aerial vehicle parts, reduce the structural weight and reduce the production cost.

Composite material of carbon fiber unmanned aerial vehicle is a trend of development at present and in the future. The composite materials of low cost, light weight and high strength are widely used in the structure of unmanned aerial vehicle's airframe abroad. Rapid development and improvement have been made in material, integral design of the airframe structure, analysis and manufacturing technology, which has greatly changed the structure design and manufacturing technology of UAV drones for sale. This advanced integral structure has many advantages over conventional riveting structure.

1. Aerodynamic performance: smooth surface, accurate shape and good symmetry;
2. Structural strength: good overall and local rigidity, high strength, fatigue resistance, durability, fatigue damage resistance and high reliability of the body;
3. Weight: reduce the weight of the body structure by about 15%~20%, increase the effective load;
4. Technology and economy: simplify unmanned aerial vehicle technology and equipment, reduce assembly workload, shorten manufacturing cycle, and reduce the whole life cycle cost.
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