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Hybrid Drone TP416

This is a high-end agricultural-grade multi-rotor drone with high equipment reliability and many advantages such as wind resistance, light rain prevention and long voyage time.
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Agriculture Drone TP416

This is a high-end agricultural-grade multi-rotor drone with high equipment reliability and many advantages such as wind resistance, light rain prevention and long voyage time.

TP416 quadcopter drone, specially designed for agricultural spraying.
TP416 with terrain radar, Obstacle Avoidance Radar and camera, integrated advanced depth customization flight controller, efficient spray system, portable folding fuselage and simple professional remote control to provide users with efficient, safe and convenient plant protection service.

Foldable Structure

TP416 is an easy fold-up design is convenient for delivery, assembling and transportation, without weakening the original structural strength.
The fold-up design can decrease 50% of the using space.

Its motor arms fold inward, making the aircraft compact and easy to transport in the trunk of a car. Able to withstand harsh conditions, the  airframe is made of light, yet durable high-strength carbon fiber.

High efficient spraying system

TP416 equips  a 10L capacity of wave-proof tank, efficient brushless pump,  and four nozzles.

Based on the actual tests, spray width is 5-7 m and operating efficiency is 1.6L/min. The wind-resistant nozzle can decrease pesticides to float in the air and economize spraying operations.

It not only ensures the uniformity of spray, but also save agrochemicals.

Regional-planning mode

Choose between three flight modes: GPS mode, AB point mode, Manual mode and Auto Operation mode, according to terrain and the specific requirements of each mission.
User can select the operation area on APP, and set operation distance, flight speed, altitude and other information. The droen will automatically fly back and forth according to the specified distance and traverse the entire area to complete the work, and the land operation is more convenient.

Break Point Continue To Spray

When detect the following signals such like the secondary battery alarm, low dose alarm, losing ground control signal, one key to return, the drone will automatically shut off the water pump, and make the current point as the continued point to spray. By the function of 'one key to return', the UAV can fly to the continued point to restart operation, which ensures the continuous operation of plant protection.

Dose Monitor

When the dosage is lower than the warning value, the LED indicator will flash. It will shut off the pump and record this point as the continued spraying point.

Black Box
The drone provides a black box function, which can record the flight data completely. FC data recording module can support 100,000 times cycle read and write. The maximum cumulative 32-hour flight data can be recorded.


Diagonal Wheelbase

1500 mm


1150*1150*590 mm (Arm unfolded and propellers folded)

750*860*590 mm (Arms and propellers folded)

Propulsion System




FOC 120A

Max Working Voltage

50.4 V


36 inch

Spraying System

Spray Tank



Pressure Nozzle

Measurement Rang


FPV Camera





FPV Spotlight

900 lm

Flight Parameters

Total Weight (Excluding battery)

24 kg

Standard Takeoff Weight

44 kg

Max Takeoff Weight

45 kg


2*6S 10000 mAh

Hovering Time

60 min (Takeoff weight of 24 kg)

20 min (Takeoff weight of 44 kg)

Max Tilt Angle


Max Operating Speed

7 m/s

Max Flying Speed

10 m/s (With strong GPS signal)

Recommended Operating Temperature

0° to 40 °C32° to 104 °F

Remote Controller





Control Distance

1000 m




Input Voltage

AC 100-240V

Output Power

1080W (540W x2)

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