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T1-10L Naza Agriculture Drone For Spraying Fertilizer And Pesticides (2017)

The powerful propulsion system of T1-10L Naza Agriculture Drone allows the aircraft to carry up to 10L of liquid payload, including pesticides and fertilizers, and can precisely adjust the amount of pesticides or fertilizers to avoid pollution and save operating costs.
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Agriculture Drone Spraying T1-10L Naza

T1 series multispectral drone, specially designed for agricultural pesticide drone spraying, integrated advanced depth customization flight controller, efficient spray system, portable folding fuselage and simple professional remote control to provide users with efficient, safe and convenient plant protection service with low drone fertilizer sprayer cost.

T1-10L Naza is one of our T1 pesticides spraying drones. This agriculture quadcopter not only has all advantages of T1 series, but also is more convenient. With pluggable design of water tank and battery, operators can change the tank in 3 seconds and the battery in 5 seconds. Operation efficiency can be improved by 40 percent.

Design Concept: not only to ensure the quality and reliability of the drone for fertilizer spraying, but also to ensure the effect of spraying and flight endurance.

Feature of Pesticide Sprayer Drone

1. Imported nozzle from US, to ensure the atomization effect.
2. Foldable arm, more stable and more convenient to transport.
3. High-effective motors, low sound, low heat, fast response.
4. Imported Carbon fiber from Toray JP, with high intensity. Propeller made of Nylon carbon, which is more durable than traditional material.
5. The pesticide fertilizer spraying drone can be connected to Smartphone ground station. Real time broadcast, route planning, UAV data remind.
6. Varieties of operating modes, to adapt all kinds of terrain.
7. The uniting of the speed and flow makes spraying more accurate

Function of Agriculture Pesticide Spray Drone

1. Foldable structure
2. High efficient spraying system
3. Regional-planning mode
4. Break point continue to spray
5. Dose monitor
6. Blank box

Aircraft Frame 



1300*1300*540 mm(arm unfolded, without propellers)

880*7600 mm(arm folded, without propellers)

Diagonal Wheelbase

1300 mm

Flight Parameters 

Total Weight

10.5 kg(without battery)  23.5 kg(with battery, Full Loaded)

Standard Take-off Weight

23.5 kg

Max Take-off Weight

25 kg

Hovering Time

10 min (23.5kg take-off weight)*

23 min (13.5kg take-off weight) *

Max Operating Speed

8 m/s *

Max Flying Speed

10 m/s *

Recommended Operating Temperature


Spray System 

Liquid Tank Volume

10 L

Number of Nozzle


Spraying Span


Theoretical Operating Efficiency

200,000㎡/day   (8hs, 6 sets of batteries)

Max Spraying Speed

1.6L / min

Ground Controller 

Max Transmission Range

1000 m  (Unobstructed, Free of Interference)**

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