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Plant Protection Drones Become the "New Favorite" of Farmland

The plant protection drone has high operating efficiency. Compared with traditional manual spraying, the work efficiency of each plant protection drone is equivalent to 60 labors, which can greatly save rural labor. Plant protection drones spraying pesticides can save 30% of pesticides and 90% of water resources.

In recent years, the agricultural uav used for crop protection has developed rapidly. New models and technologies are widely used in the prevention and control of various crop diseases and insect pests such as rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane, fruit trees, and cotton. Agricultural production needs and farmers' welcome are one of the main reasons for the rapid development of plant protection aircraft, especially plant protection drones.

In places where the level of agricultural plant protection mechanization is low and pesticide application technology is backward, more than 70% of them use manual knapsack spraying machinery or motorized spraying machinery, and high-temperature weather is prone to accidents of operator poisoning, casualties. The popularization and use of plant protection drones can not only effectively reduce pesticide poisoning, casualties, but also have significant advantages such as saving water and drugs, not harming crops, convenient and efficient, convenient dispatching and transfer, and wide adaptability to environmental conditions.

The country's strong support is a strong driving force for the development of the plant protection drone market. National policy support can promote the explosive growth of the plant protection drone industry. Plant protection drones have changed the traditional methods of artificial pesticide spraying and plant protection. The market prospect is broad and the potential is huge.

Although plant protection drones have broad development prospects, there are also many disadvantages. At present, the various elements of the plant protection UAV market are not perfect, and the market ecology is still far away from maturity. The popularization of plant protection knowledge, the construction of sales and service channels, and the establishment of a plant protection team business model all require a large amount of investment and long-term operations. But TTF believes that professional and dedicated companies will always make the plant protection drone industry shine.

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