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Pesticide Spraying Drones Are Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

1. The use of pesticides spraying drones in agriculture and forestry

In the past, in the protection of agricultural plants, the efficiency of manual labor was low, the time spent was long, and the poor ventilation easily caused uneven spraying of plants during work, which failed to achieve the expected results. Pesticide spraying drones solve these problems.

Pesticides spraying drones can be used in agriculture and forestry operations, especially in agricultural plant protection applications, and are welcomed by the majority of rural collective economic organizations and farmers for their high efficiency, speed, and low cost advantages.

2. Efficient and environmental protection of agricultural UAV spraying

Compared with fixed-wing aircraft, pesticide spraying drones are lighter in weight, smaller in size, and more maneuverable. They do not require a professional runway. They can take off and land on lawns and flat areas. They are very suitable for spraying pesticides on complex terrain. In addition, during the operation of the pesticide spraying drone, the flying speed, crop distance, spray height, etc. can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of crops. Professional agricultural drones and crops can be kept at a relatively close fixed height from the shortest distance, and the scale can also be relatively large, and the efficiency is at least many times higher than that of conventional spraying. Agricultural drone spraying will not cause excessive pesticide spraying, which can greatly save pesticides and water resources, and avoid excessive use of pesticides and agricultural products that are harmful to human health. This can reduce environmental pollution to a large extent, and due to the use of agricultural drone spraying, the harm of pesticides to the applicator can also be greatly reduced.

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