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Nature of Plant Protection Drone

Compared to ground implantation machinery and aircraft, plant protection drone has three natures.

1. Professional aircraft

Distinct from consumer drone and aircraft, implantation UAV needs to implement agricultural plant protection to complete all the tasks. It’s required not only can fly but also with good flight performance, security, reliability and environmental adaptation. Nowadays implantation UAV market is heating up. Products with assembly and simple development have gradually become obsolete while those of specialized production and application verification are taking up a larger share. Professional aircraft development should be based on good model design and pay attention to quality control and test verification. Models are optimized by trial and error and quality is controlled and tested in designing, R&D, manufacturing and purchasing. Only by enough test verification and data accumulation can product be brought to the market, that is, implantation UAV is developed with trial and error in cropland.

2. Agricultural Drones For Sale

Drone fertilizer sprayer is not ordinary plant protection machinery, not only completing pesticide application but also realizing precise spraying. It aims at where needs to be sprayed and how much is in need. It demands to integrate related technology which has several main techniques: The first is precise positioning, making drone operation higher precision and accurate obstacle avoidance; The second is selectively spraying system that makes flow match with speed to guarantee spraying rate meets expectation. The third is accurate altitude hold which can realize imitating flight. All the technology offers good solutions to precise pesticide application.

3. Artificial intelligence

Plant protection drone will must be endowed with more intelligence, from development trend of the industry, to make plant protection more efficient, safe and convenient. Intelligent target is big data based and utilizes advanced technology and method to realize autonomous air route planning, dispensing and dosing, flying, formation flying, obstacle avoidance, and identifying system fault in work zone, which reduces manual labor to the maximum and raises labor productivity. AI of present implantation UAV is still in the initial stage but with the development of technology, its promising applications must will attract attention. Users of industry-wide drone need a full solution including hardware, software and personnel service, even building a set of internal management and workflow.

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