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The Mini Smart Drone Can Turn Wireless Signals Into Electrical Energy Without Batteries

Most of the consumer drone flies between 10 and 30 minutes. To extend the mileage, it seems that only a larger capacity battery is available. However, it will lead to increased drone’s' loading capacity and the effect of prolonging the flight time is not obvious. In order to solve this problem, a researcher developed a new type of mini smart drone technology that can continuously fly without batteries. All of its power comes from a wireless transmitter. However, there are many restrictions on the use of this technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles that can't exceed 5 inches and can only carry a simple horizontal movement. But it seems to be a good start for future development.

It is also important to note that the TTF prototype is entirely based on its own custom hardware, so the use of high-frequency power can damage a lot of transistors. Therefore, if you use a cheap UAV drone with low-price components, the flight time will also be affected.

But we are happy to see the emergence of this new technology. You can imagine that if this technology is applied to the drone field in the future, it will have a subversive impact on the development of the whole industry. Although there are many difficulties in the promotion of this technology, also it will take a long process. And we also need a certain degree of infrastructure construction for large-scale coverage. But if such a wireless power function solution can really be applied, then the coming of this day may not be far away.
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