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Maintenance of the Longest Lasting Drone Battery of Agriculture Spraying Drone

At present, due to the weather, the use of agriculture spraying drone and accessories for agriculture protection services is increasing. As the leading role of agriculture protection, the longest lasting drone battery accessories of the agriculture spraying drone  are particularly important. Therefore, when the agriculture spraying drone users come in the busy season, they should not only do a good job in the daily detection and maintenance of ag drones, but also should prepare enough circulating batteries.

So how to properly maintain longest lasting drone battery?

1. Please make sure to use a dedicated lithium battery charger for charging, and the charging current should not exceed 1C.

2. Lithium battery should not be fully charged for a long time storage, because it is easy to produce inflation, affecting the discharge performance. The best storage voltage is about 3.8v per chip, which should be fully filled before use to effectively avoid the phenomenon of flatness of battery.

3. In case of gas expansion, do not use sharp metal objects to penetrate the air release, which will cause a short circuit in the battery and cause the battery to explode or burn.

4. In the cold weather -10 ~ 5 ° C environment, the discharge efficiency of the lithium battery is about 80% of the normal temperature state, which will affect the aircraft's flight time, so it must pay attention when operation.

5.The battery of the UAV drones for sale should be transported in a state of 10%~50%. If the transport cycle is longer than one week, the battery should be charged to 3.8V~3.85V, and the power plug should be made of waterproof and short-circuit protection.

6. It is forbidden to store in humid environment.

7. It is forbidden to store at high temperature.

8. It is forbidden to store in direct sunlight.

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