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Long Range Fixed Wing Drone

No matter you are drone fans, occupational users (aerial photo), entrepreneur, trade user (industry or agriculture) or industry investors, you all need to know the knowledge about drone. Different drone types have different flight efficiency, different attitude control principle, mathematical model, aerodynamic characteristics, operating ways and different suitable tasks.

Fixed wing drone is the earliest drone. The common names of receiver channel is still using the names of fixed wing telecontrolled aircraft: AIL-aileron, ELE -elevator, THR - accelerator, RUD - rudder, GRY - undercarriage. All these names are not used in multiple rotors drone or other types drone, but long range fixed wing drone still uses these names, it is believed that fixed wing drone is so important in the types of drone.

The motive power principle of fixed wing drone is so easy: conservation of momentum P=mv. It always uses the front or back propeller to push air for offering reverse power, at the same time, it uses air flight and posture adjustment in the sky, it also uses aileron, elevator and rudder to provide rolling, pitching and posture moment for drone-actually its controlling ways can be known through its name.

Th tradition middle and small fixed wing drones are not with oversize dynamic system because of its size and load capacity limit, therefore, it needs help from outside force. With the increase of the size of drone, it is heavier after mounting the device, it is too inhuman to use throwing flying for drone pilot, that is the another way for taking off of fixed wing drone: catapult-assisted take-off. There are only two ways for traditional fixed wing drone to take off. However, in recent years, long range fixed wing drone has the new vertical take-off and landing capacity by its creative structure design. This kind of long range fixed wing drone provides rising power through vertical fuselage and fixed pitch propeller, when it is up to the certain height, changing flight ways of drone with the help of the bottom aileron and flap , in the end, it will adopt the fixed airplane mode.

The tradition hand-launched drone and catapult drone are all with the help of outside power, this kind of take-off way make fixed wing drone with more load space and load ability, only it can be tossed and bounce to the sky, it will fly with the help of airflow.
The take-off model of vertical body makes fixed wing have the ability of vertical flight, but it must increase the size of rotor wing and decrease the size of drone itself and the weight of carried device because it fully depends on its own fixed pitch propeller to offer launch dynamics. One rotor wing is always not enough, it need two rotors to provide dynamics at least, but the size of drone is limited as well as its installing part. Rotors have much airflow influence because of their too close distance, it is difficult to make sure vertical flight and the stability of vertical spot. When fuselage changes flight model, it is a kind of non-linear linear control, at this time, it is very sensitive for disturbance and interior operation. When it transfers to long range fixed wing flight model, strong strength becomes unnecessary with consuming energy.

Increasing design ways of vertical rotor wing system also makes long range fixed wing drone with vertical take-off ability, because it layouts on the plane of body with much space, it can enlarge their distance to avoid the disturbance between rotor wings under the premise of enough launch dynamics. At the same time, this type of UAV drones for sale can cut flight mode directly without extra process. However, vertical rotor system means to add extra dynamic element-engine or electric machinery. These small elements not only needs to extrude interior installed space but also need parts of loading capacity from fixed wing. When vertical flight transfers to cruise or cut back to fixed wing model, these rotor wings will be the thorough burdensome.
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