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Knowledge of Agricultural UAV Spraying

The agricultural UAV Spraying is a drone for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. It consists of a flight platform (fixed wing, single rotor, multi-rotor), GPS flight control, and spraying mechanism. It can realize spraying pesticides, seeds, powders and so on through ground remote control or GPS flight control.

Agricultural UAV spraying can be divided into fixed wing, single rotor and multi-rotor according to different rotors. The fixed-wing UAV for sale generates lift from wings, and the parameters such as wing position and sweep Angle remain unchanged in flight. The single-rotor UAV generates thrust by the main blade cutting air. It is balanced by the tail rotor and can take off and land vertically and hover stably. The multi-rotor agricultural spraying drones for sale generates the thrust rise with 3 or even number of symmetric non-coaxial propellers. It realizes the forward, backward and left-right movement by the flight plane tilt caused by the change of propeller rotation speed. And it achieves the vertical takeoff and landing by changing the rotation sequence of propeller speed. The site has a small restriction and can hover stably in the air.

Agricultural UAV spraying is mainly used in agricultural production in plant protection operations, forestry monitoring, crop pollination, and herd positioning.
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