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Issues Need to Be Noticed for Agricultural UAV Operation

1. Pesticide security

Please use clean water in dispensing, otherwise pesticide residue will clog the pesticide pipeline. Please pay attention to sputtering in filling pesticide and direct it at the opening of pesticide box or the guiding pipe to prevent from corroding battery and motor. If there is residue blockage, please clean it up in time before use. Please wear protective equipment to prevent direct human contact with pesticides. When applying pesticides, avoid rivers and drinking water as much as possible to avoid contamination. Please clean the appliance timely after application to prevent pesticide residue from corroding the appliance.

2. Operation security

The more detailed the theoretical knowledge is, the more confident you will be in flying, and the more likely you will be to identify and troubleshoot problems in time. The pilot's lack of common sense and momentary negligence are the biggest threats to flight safety. If the aircraft is not installed safely, the result will be very unsatisfactory. A loose screw may even shake the whole agricultural UAV. Be concentrate in flight, not half-hearted, and operate with the rules. Don't arbitrarily try no sure things and even more don't take it for granted to create your own aircraft instructions so as not to blow up the drone.

3. Battery security

Please be sure to confirm the battery voltage before use. The new battery should avoid heavy current charging, and the battery temperature should be paid attention to in the process to avoid excessive discharge. When the battery is not in use for a long time, please place it in a dry and cool place with a temperature of 0~40℃. The battery should be fully charged and discharged once a month, and the voltage of a single battery cell should be checked once a week.

4. Environmental security

Agricultural UAV flies in the open field with an altitude below 2000 meters and away from people. The air temperature will be 0℃~40℃ and the weather will be good. It will avoid flying in the windy, rainy and snowy weather. Stay away from people, trees, power lines, airports, tall buildings, cell towers and other dangerous buildings. Don't hover over the seedlings at low altitude to avoid damage to the seedlings.

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