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Is the selfies drone a weapon in the market for consumer drones?

The concept of selfies drone can be traced back to the earliest appearance of Lily "selfie" drone  in May 2015.On the surface, its indicators, such as altitude, speed, are far worse than the same level of Dajiang elves unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but it sudden rise to fame and sold 60000 sets through Crowdfunding platforms KickStarter.

Advantages of the self timer UAV compared to the professional consumption level UAV

First, the performance parameter VS is portable enough. Compared to the specialized aerial photography and survey unmanned aerial vehicle applications, the user's tolerance to the UAV performance index will be higher in the ordinary daily use scene. Compared with the flying height of 500 meters high and 3 kilometers remote remote control, the pain points of the self timer are often in some more fragmentary functions. There is a certain demand for selfie angle, selfie effect and portability. Millet unmanned aerial vehicle and Xinjiang elves 4’s weight are both more than 1300g. The problem of inconvenient carrying of this kind of aerial aerial vehicle is an improved direction of the self timer in my view. For example, 00 unlimited can be easily packed into the school bag, and the Meitu mobile phone artifact is just as big as the ordinary mobile phones.

Second, professionalism VS manipulation. Sometimes the more functions the self timer has, the more complex the operation logic will be. It is also a headache for many designers and product managers. Obviously, in operation, the functons of self timer UAV are simple because its function points are fewer and more concentrated. In fact, the contradiction between this professionalism and manipulationthis is just like smartphones and SLR cameras. Although both of them have their own irreplaceable points, the smartphones are often able to reach the expect from unprofessional users in the photo effect.

Third, price VS demand. For the strong demand of selfies, it has a strong overlap and elasticity with some so-called just needs, and they can even be converted to each other under certain conditions.

Similarly, in addition to practicality, the consumption level UAV has another barrier that prevents its popularity: price. At present, the cost of UAV mainly comes from these two parts: fuselage and pan tilt camera. And aerial photograph like Meitu mobile phone can replace the PTZ camera by the "flying system + mobile phone" mode, and there can be a lot of compression in the price. When the price of the product is below the expectation of the users and the user’s experience is basically kept within the acceptable range, the detonating point of the UAV is coming.

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