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How to Reasonably Operate and Use Agricultural UAV

I. Agricultural UVA

Agricultural UAV spraying pesticide at low altitude is a new technology to meet the needs of modern agriculture and modern plant protection. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, fast speed, high efficiency, low cost, uniform spray, good atomization effect, safety and environmental protection, etc. It realizes information management, large-scale operation and safety to people and environment.

Agricultural UAV not only solves the problem of labor shortage in rural areas, but also fundamentally controls the type, dosage and application time of drugs, preventing re-spray and leak spray. It can effectively reduce pesticide residues and realize scientific, rational and safe use of pesticides.

II. How to reasonably operate and use AG drones

1. Strictly control the scope

In the process of drug infusion, due to the wide range and price of drug infusion, the scope of drug infusion by AG drones should be correctly planned, which is mainly recommended for locust control in public areas such as wasteland and meadow.

2. Strictly screen chemicals

It is necessary to observe the important scope of drug infusion, carry out comprehensive treatment, select reasonable drugs for drug infusion, and reduce the impact on the environment; Pesticide varieties such as chlorpromazine, Bombyx mori toxin and alkaloid shall not be used in farmland.

3. Strictly regulate and prevent

In order to reduce the further harm of agricultural UAV spraying operations to animals and plants for the health of the masses, an announcement shall be issued 3-5 days in advance so that bee, silkworm, fish and shrimp farmers can take preventive measures to reduce the harm caused by drugs.

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