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How to Prevent the Nozzle Blockage of Pesticide UAV

During the operation of pesticide drone, the operator controls the UAV to the air through the remote control. Then the pesticide is sprayed down through the nozzle of the UAV to achieve the purpose of applying pesticide to the planted crops. However, after a period of use, many UAVs may be blocked, which seriously affects their normal use. Therefore, we need to do some preventive work. Next, we will discuss how to prevent nozzle blockage of pesticide drone.

1. The solution added to the pesticide drone shall be filtered in advance

Friends with rich operation experience may know that some chemicals are extremely thick after mixing, and even precipitate, which increases the probability of nozzle blockage and affects the operation efficiency. The trouble is that if the filter screen of the medicine box is blocked, we have to pour the medicine back to the medicine barrel for cleaning, which is a waste of time. Therefore, it is necessary to filter the liquid medicine in advance. Filter screen or high-density silk stockings can be used to filter the liquid medicine to improve the operation quality and efficiency of pesticide drone. The clearance of the filter screen shall not be too large or too dense. The large gap does not play a good filtering role and it can not ensure that the impurities in the liquid medicine will not block the nozzle. If the gap is too small and the filtration is too slow, it will affect the efficiency. Therefore, we shall use a suitable filter screen to minimize the blockage.

2. Secondary dilution method of pesticide added to pesticide drone

The secondary dilution method, also known as the two-step preparation method, is to dilute the pesticide preparation into mother liquor or mother powder with a small amount of water or dilution carrier, and then dilute it to the required concentration. "Secondary dilution method" can make the pesticides with low solubility fully dissolved and distributed more evenly, so as to avoid the precipitation of pesticides and reduce the blockage of long range commercial UAV nozzle. Especially when the dosage of some pesticides is very small, the "secondary dilution method" can prepare the drugs evenly and improve the utilization rate and application effect.

3. Four parts of pesticide drone need to be cleaned

For the medicine box, nozzle, filter screen and decompression valve of plant protection UAV, long-time operation will form a sticky drug film (especially powder) on the outer layer of the filter screen to prevent the spraying of liquid medicine. Therefore, frequent cleaning is necessary. There will also be reagent precipitation at the decompression valve. The unmanned medicine box for plant protection shall be cleaned repeatedly at the first time after each operation. Firstly, it will not affect the next spraying quality. Secondly, the sediment in the medicine box shall be cleaned to avoid the blockage of the unmanned nozzle for plant protection.

Above is the introduction of the methods to prevent the nozzle of pesticide drone from blocking. Hope it can be helpful to you. Welcome to consult If any need and look forward to communicating with you.

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