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How to Choose the Right Plant Protection Drone? (5)

There are not many plant protection drones on the market that can operate at night. If you want to know whether the drone has this mode, you only need to test it at night. Through visual inspection, laser, flashlight, etc., you can intuitively see whether the flight route is straight and accurate, whether it is accurate, and avoid obstacles in time.

Can the operation progress be monitored?

From the perspective of farmers and plant protection team managers, it is necessary to avoid cutting corners and materials by operators because it may bring harmful effects such as pesticide damage, pesticide waste, and ineffectiveness.

In the past, people usually stayed on site to monitor the progress of operations. But if the selected plant protection drone has a good monitoring system, such as real-time monitoring, knowing how many devices are in which plots and how to set up a certain route, and the progress of the operation, then we can spend more time in valuable place and can ensure the progress and effect of the operation from a long distance. Therefore, when choosing a plant protection drone, we should not only look at the aircraft itself, but also pay attention to other systems and equipment in its entire solution.

To sum up, when choosing a plant protection drone product, the operation effect is one of the key indicators that need to be considered the most. Specifically, it can be investigated from several aspects such as whether it can be sprayed accurately and evenly without heavy spraying and leaking, whether it can work at night and adapt to a variety of terrain, and whether it can be remotely monitored.

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