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How to Choose the Right Plant Protection Drone? (4)

Can it adapt to different working hours and various terrains?

In order to achieve good operational results, the adaptability of plant protection drones under various conditions is very important. For example, can plant protection drones adapt to the operation of tall crops? Can plant protection drones operate in areas with large undulations? Can plant protection drones operate at night? This is something we can consider when choosing.

For crops of different heights and uneven terrain, in order to ensure the spraying effect, it is necessary to maintain a relatively constant distance between the plant protection drone and the crop canopy. Currently, plant protection drones can achieve this through ground-like flight technology. When drones that cannot perform ground-like flight work on uneven crop canopy, short-crown crops may be far away from the drone and have poor drug application effects. The changes in the terrain, especially the elevation, may cause the drone to collide and break.

Ground-like flight is generally achieved through equipment such as ultrasound, radar, and ground vision system. When choosing a plant protection drone, try to choose a agricultural uav with a good ground-like flight effect, and the pros and cons of ground-like flight technology can be intuitively understood by observing the flight status of a slope.

Many pests appear day and night, and the effect of spraying drugs during the day is poor. Especially in summer, when the temperature is very high at noon, spraying medicine is easy to volatilize and affect the effect of medicine. This requires spraying medicine at night.

For plant protection drones, flying at night in farmland is not an easy task. First of all, we need drones to fly as accurately as we expected, and to automatically bypass obstacles when they are invisible to the eyes. This has higher requirements on the course planning system and obstacle avoidance system. This is very difficult for a purely manually controlled drone. This requires UAVs to achieve highly autonomous flight and fully automatic operations.

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