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How to Choose the Right Plant Protection Drone? (3)

Will there be re-spray and leaked spray?

Part of the prevention and control requires higher chemical spraying. Especially for chemical control agents such as herbicides, spraying too much can easily cause phytotoxicity, and spraying less will not be effective. Whether to avoid re-spraying and leaking sprays is an important aspect of considering the effect of plant protection drones.

This is actually related to the AG drones' flight accuracy, which is mainly determined by the drone's positioning and navigation system. At present, the positioning and flying technologies of plant protection UAVs on the market mainly include pure manual, GPS navigation, and RTK navigation. The pure manual mode relies on human vision to operate the flight. It has high requirements on the pilot and the human influence is too large. It is relatively easy to cause heavy spray and leaking, and it is not conducive to the large-scale application of plant protection drones. We will not introduce too much manual operation here. We will focus on GPS technology and RTK technology.

At present, GPS technology has been widely used, and the most common one is mobile phone map navigation. But GPS positioning has certain errors. The positioning accuracy of ordinary GPS is greater than or equal to 1 meter, and the signal error has a 50% probability of reaching more than 2 meters. It can't support precise height setting, and the error can be as high as ten meters.

This may not matter much for looking at the map, but when spraying medicine in the ground, it may cause serious consequences. For UAVs using GPS navigation, it is difficult to avoid the interference of the environment and cause positioning errors, and the flight path may have a large deviation, which may cause re-spray and missed spray.

In the past two years, plant protection drones using RTK positioning technology have emerged on the market, and more and more drone manufacturers are following up on this technology. This is because RTK technology can control the positioning accuracy error within 10 cm, allowing the plant protection drone to fly and spray more accurately and effectively avoiding heavy spraying and leaking spray.

Therefore, when choosing a plant protection drone, you can find out whether the positioning technology adopted by the drone is the most advanced, whether it can achieve precise flight and  precise spraying, and whether it can effectively avoid respray and leak spray.

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