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How to Avoid Plant Protection Drone Bombing

Plant protection drone is unmanned aircraft controlled by radio remote control apparatus. It's necessary to master skills during the flight otherwise it may cause bombing. So how to prevent bombing?

There are some explosionproof skills:

1. Preparations before take-off

It's necessary to get adequate preparation for the flight and keep an eye on battery voltage.

Clean up the fuselage, wings, undercarriage and spraying system every time after the flight. Check whether screw of main parts is tight or not, whether swaying of moving parts is large, whether push rod is firm and whether fuselage is with evident fissure.

It's a must to adequate preparations before take-off so that many accidents can be avoided.

2. Environmental detection

Don't fly near high pressure towers especially those with electric stress of up to several thousand volts. It can have a try for small voltage towers but it's proposed to keep far away. It's also better to keep distance from signal tower and electronic fence.

3. Things after takeoff

Take notice of the stability of UAV after takeoff. Destroyed or broken down by radio, implantation UAV will lose control or sway. Therefore, it's advisable to take off at 2 meters in the beginning. If there is compass interference, UAV should land as soon as possible.

Some customers fly the UAV so low that they can't catch sight of a pole or tall crops and fall suddenly. As a result, drone manipulators can't be interfered by anyone and should stay on the ball, keep in touch with observer and try to keep the drone one meter above crops.

4. Battery runout

The battery life of electric plant protection drone in the market is usually from 10 to 20 minutes, and the power consumption is faster when the load is relatively large. During spraying pesticides, sometimes the battery low alarm has appeared, but there still remains some in pesticide box. Some drone pilots, for convenience, want to land after spraying all pesticides. In addition to the larger proportion of pesticide which consumes more power than usual, the drone can't continue working with the rest electricity and returns. Then the aircraft is forced to land on the way or simply runs out of power in the air and directly crashes.

Drone flyers should have planning and be well prepared before working. Would rather not fly a few acres of land than challenge the limit of the aircraft.

5. Joystick mistake

For one thing, it's simply using joystick by mistake, such as can't operate when changing direction by accident and don't know what to do with remote control, hitting a wall, tree or telegraph pole.

The other thing is pesticide sprayer drone can't be seen in operation if not careful. Actually, the drone is still in safe flight but the drone flyer will get into a panic, pushing the joystick by mistake and therefore bump into things. In this process, flyers need to communicate more with the observer so that one can see while the other one can't see.

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