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How to Avoid Issues in Plant Protection Drone Spraying System?

Fertilizer spraying drone is a kind of flying sprayer whose spraying system greatly influences control efficiency. Spraying system has to be guaranteed to work regularly in order to avoid issues and assure control efficiency. Titan fertilizer spraying drone taking the following measures:

(1) Please make sure each piece of unmanned vehicle works normally without any faults.

(2) Don't work in bad weather.

(3) Don't work overload.

(4) Wash medicine kit, filter screen, tube, flowmeter and sprayer light to prevent liquid from drying and blocking the sprinkling system.

(5) Adopt secondary dilution while preparing liquid.

(6) Don't use muddy water in preparing liquid and please use clean water.

(7) Filter liquid with filter screen to reduce impurities after preparation. No use of viscous powder or pesticides of easy precipitation.

(8) Drain the flowmeter timely after operation completes to avoid corrosion and extend service life.

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