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Four Major Differences between Consumer and Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Distinction one, electromagnetic evaporation
Because unmanned aerial vehicle transmits commands mainly by radio, the commands of consumer unmanned aerial vehicle can be easily detected by nearby enemy electronic systems when they transmit them, "it is equivalent to that the unmanned aerial vehicle just take off or arrive over the target, and the opponent immediately knows, so it loses the significance of covert contact of the unmanned aerial vehicle with the enemy."

Distinction two, there is a gap between voyage and effective idle time
Considering the distance of reconnaissance area, even small military UAV for sale must last for more than several hours. Otherwise, the reconnaissance time over the target will be very limited after deducting the time spent on the route. Therefore, the flight time of ordinary consumer unmanned aerial vehicle from tens of minutes to one or two hours is not of great practical significance.

Distinction three, load capacity
The most important application area of unmanned aerial vehicle is reconnaissance and monitoring. Whether it is equipped with photoelectric or infrared equipment, the weight of this kind of electronic pod is usually over several kilograms, far exceeding the effective carrying capacity of consumer unmanned aerial vehicle.

Distinguishing four, the problem of secret communication
In order to prevent the communication link from being truncated or monitored with the rear, military unmanned aerial vehicles need to equip encrypted radio, which has considerable size, power consumption and weight. In the execution of attack tasks, it is more necessary to maintain continuous communication with the rear. In this area, consumer unmanned aerial vehicles are even less qualified to install such equipment. Most importantly, in the modern combat system, unmanned aerial vehicle is no longer a single flight platform, and it needs to be embedded in the whole combat system to undertake the corresponding tasks, and you need to be carefully considered at the beginning of the design.

The use of the top consumer drones are currently more focused on personal entertainment. It not only lacks the ability to perform special tasks such as military and police ability, but also fails to carry out civilian tasks such as patrol, mapping or disaster surveillance. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) play a broader role in the civil field than the military field, such as using UAVs to monitor fires in remote forest areas, or dispatching multiple UAVs to patrol along highways to detect and evaluate accidents as soon as possible. Therefore, the general unmanned aerial vehicle technology is transformed into civilian products, and it should have a greater use.

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