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Folding Drone Can Land on Hand

Users can fold and carry the drone, because folding and lightweight design, there is no burden to go out. Because of the folding and lightweight design, there is no burden to go out with it. The TTF folding drone's high-performance camera has 12 million pixels and is capable of 4K UHD 25fps video capture. The 4K ultra-high definition resolution eliminates the need for users to worry about the quality of the shot. And TTF's folding drone offers a variety of shooting modes, such as panoramic mode, continuous capture mode, delayed shooting mode, etc., enough to meet the user's general shooting needs.

Using visual inspection technology, the drone can automatically track the user's face and body, so the user only needs to use the mobile phone to scan the object to be tracked and turn on the automatic tracking, so that it is not necessary to worry too much during the shooting process. At the same time, this drone has ultrasonic sensors and optical flow sensors, plus the application of SLAM 3D technology, which ensures clear and accurate shooting during flight.

In addition to these, our drones also use an electronic stabilizer that allows it to withstand airflow during flight, avoiding blurring caused by turbulence.

The TTF's folding drone has enough GPS signals to automatically return to the origin of the shot. If the battery is too low or the connection is lost, the user can choose to click the Home (RTH) button to return the drone. In the event of an accident, the dual-band GPS can also accurately locate the location.

The drone has three different flight modes (high, medium and low) and a 4-inch three-blade propeller driven by a 1906 brushless motor to ensure stable flight. The battery is neither good nor bad, the battery capacity is 2900mAh, and the fully charged battery can guarantee 15 minutes of flight time.

Our drones don't have to wait for the ground to land like other drones; this drone can land in many locations, even on your hands. Because of its outer casing protector, the user do not have to worry about safety when they grab it with their hands, and the scope of use is not limited to indoor and outdoor.
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