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Eight Advantages of Agricultural UAV in Agricultural Plant Protection

(1) High efficiency

Plant protection drone can complete 1 to 2mu of pesticide spraying per minute, which is 30-60 times of manual spraying.

(2) High safety

Implantation UAV separates human from pesticides and operates through remote control or GPS air control to avoid the risk of exposure to pesticides

(3) Water and pesticide saving and environmental protection

Generally, manual labor uses more than 30L of pesticides while aerial plant protection uses about 1L for one mu. Due to professional aerial additives, the amount of pesticide used in plant protection can be reduced by about 30%. Slow labor and fast infestation hit back at the front of the pests for a few times but drone plant protection operation is fast, achieving aim in short time. It has fast insecticidal speed, less damage to the atmosphere, soil and crops and uses Beidou navigation technology to work precisely and spray evenly, which has obvious pesticide saving and environmental protection.

(4) Irreplaceable labor

Manual labor and tractor towed sprayer are not able to work on crops approaching mature stage, high stem and rattan, as well as complex terrain and paddy fields but agricultural UAV has highlighted advantages on high-altitude operation.

(5) High control efficiency

Since implantation UAV uses ultra-low quantity spray, special aerial additives in plant protection of low height and less drift, the downward airflow generated by rotors during pesticide spraying can help increase the penetrability of logistics to crops.

(6) Able to work at night

Plant protection pesticides are attached to the surface of plants through liquid, which is easy to evaporate in the daytime with high temperature and direct sunlight. The operation effect is far less than that of low-temperature operation at night. Artificial night operation is difficult, while aerial plant protection by UAV is not restricted.

(7) Accurate operation

With the functions of autonomous navigation and intelligent navigation of Beidou satellite and other modes, implantation UAV has strong support from a powerful background network management system, which can see the operation control, intelligent flight and accurate operation with half an eye.

(8) Mass prevention and control

Early warning level response should be adopted for regional explosive diseases and insect pests. Aerial plant protection can make use of mass prevention and control as well as centralized control to eliminate regional diseases and insect pests rapidly.

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