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Drones Itelligent Technology Replacing Manual Technique

With the development of technology and society, drone technology has gradually entered into society, replacing manual labor, which created better work efficiency and lower error rates. The innovation of drone technology is also loved by the public.

People in the countryside all know that every year at the time when farming activities get busy, harvesting crops, plowing land, planting seeds, and spraying pesticides all need human labor to operate. Due to the shortage of labor force, they are afraid to miss the timing to grow crops and thus resulting in the loss of crop yields. Farmland management is very rough. Then under the situation of this type of traditional operation which is time and labor consuming, agricultural drones for sale were born.

Agricultural drone pesticide spraying replaced the original manual pesticide spraying, it’s eased the pressure of farming for people. But are drones actually more reliable than human as promoted?

First of all, price. Agricultural drone spraying technology is using aerosol spraying methods to save at least 50% of pesticide usage and 90% of water consumption, resource costs will be largely reduced.

In addition, efficiency. Let’s talk about work efficiency first. The efficiency of manual pesticide spraying is very slow, and it can cover only a few acres of land in half a day’s time; the efficiency of drones is one or two hundred acres of land in half a day‘s time, and it is nonstop, as long as there is electricity available. In terms of practical efficiency, when spraying pesticide manually, lift the rod by hand and master the distance between the spraying head and the crops, then the pesticide can be fully absorbed; when the fertilizer spraying drone do its work, it follows the pre-planned route, repeating spraying and missing spraying will not happen, the height of drones is also consistent with the height of crops.

Finally, safety. The drone has a low operating height, less drift, and able to hover in the air, no need for a special taking off and landing airport. The downward airflow generated by the rotor could help to increase the penetration of the mist flow to the crop. Prevention and control effects are high and remote control operation. Spraying operators avoided the danger to expose themselves to pesticides and enhanced the safety of spraying operations plus other advantages.

Through the above comparisons, agricultural drones are obviously more intelligent, more precise, and safer, and any guys who are interested in purchasing drones can definitely dispel their worries.

Shenzhen TitanFlying Technology Co., Ltd. has always hoped that agricultural drones can help agriculture quickly enter modernization and intelligence, and has always been focusing on creativity and exploration of the drone technology.

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